How to donate

Donate to CRSB

Help us continue to fund the transport of aid and volunteers from Bristol to help refugees in Calais. Funds are also used to make grants in response to emergency callouts from aid organisation in the camps.

Donate phone credit for refugees

Donated phone credit is helping refugees to keep in touch with their family and it is saving lives. It is also a means of ensuring unaccompanied children can reach out for help when they need it.

Donate to Calais Kitchens

Calais Kitchens desperately needs your help to feed the growing population in camps.


Donating funds:

All funds raised for Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol are used to:

  • Make grants to aid organisations working to support the priority needs of refugees in Calais

  • Part-fund the transport of much needed aid and volunteers from Bristol to Calais

  • Buy supplies in Calais that are needed in the camp

  • Put pressure on the government and other bodies to bring about change and end this intolerable situation

CRSB works very hard to keep admin costs to an absolute minimum. All members and coordinators work on a voluntary basis and where possible we try to source free printing services. Where this is not possible, there is a small expenditure.

Donate to CRSB Now

There are a number of aid organisations in Calais that CRSB regularly supports by making grants. We would encourage donors to also send funds to these groups whenever possible and can vouch for the incredible life-saving work they are doing. Links to fundriaing sites for Calais Kitchens, the Calais Wood Yard and Phone Credit for Refugees can be found in the sliding boxes at the top fo this page.

Donate Items:  

See our Collections page for details of any current collections.

If you do not live in Bristol, please visit to find a current drop-off point in your area. 

Being a member of our Facebook group is the best way to stay up to date with collections taking place in Bristol. As well as CRSB collection notifications, other individuals and groups frequently use our page to appeal for donations. We will always try to signpost you to these groups should you make an enquiry about donating.